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Sushila Charak

Age 81 years in 2023
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Profession Homemaker
Weight 60 kg-132 Ibs(approx.)
Birthday 6 December

Parents Family

Father name yet to be uploaded
Mother name yet to be uploaded
Siblings N/A
Brother name yet to be uploaded
Sister name yet to be uploaded


Affairs/Boyfriend  Salim Khan Actor
Husband/Spouse Salim Khan Actor
Children Five
Sons Salman Khan (Actor),Arbaz Khan (Director, producer, writer and actor),Sohail Khan (Director, producer, writer and actor)
Daughter Alvira Khan, Arpita Khan

Sushila Charak BioData/Wiki

Real Name Sushila Charak
Nick Name Sushila Charak Khan
Famous Salman Khan Mother
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Date of Birth 6 December 1942

sushila charak husband

Nationality Indian
Hometown Mumbai, India
Hobbies Danceing, traveling
Awards/Caste See more following awards/Dogra Rajput

Source of money

Net worth  $ 1 million-$5 million (approx.)
salary yet to be uploaded(approx.)
Income yet to be uploaded(approx.)
Appeared In yet to be uploaded(approx.)
Source  Source Of Income

Physical fitness

Eye color The Color of the eyes is brown
Hair Color The Color of the Hair is Salt and pepper
Skin The Skin Complexion is
skin colour The Skin Color is Fair
Body The Body Measurement is

Physical state

Marital Status/Date Married
Birthplace Mumbai, India
Height F 5 feet 5 inches
Height m 1.65 in meter
Height cm 165 in centimetre

sushila charak children

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Education Qualification Graduate
College College Name
University University name N/A
School school name
Degree Graduate


Country India
Town Mumbai, India
Ethnicity Maharashtra
Old City Mumbai, India
Address City Address City Galaxy Apartments, Bandra, Mumbai


Favourites Food Favourites Food name N/A
Favourites Actor Sulman Khan,
FavoritesActress Meena Kumari
Favourites Sports Favourites Sports name N/A
Favourites Song Favourites Songs N/A

Favourites Brand

Favorites Car Brands N/A
Favourites Drink Brands N/A
Favourite Clothing Brands N/A
Favorite Mobile Brands Favorite Mobile
Favourite Shoe Brands Favourite Shoes

sushila charak parents

Sushila Charak is the mother of Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, and Sohail Khan and the principal spouse of Indian scriptwriter Salim Khan. She was brought generally up in a well-off Maharashtrian Rajput family and goes as Salma Khan. Salim Khan, a scriptwriter and entertainer, was hitched to Sushila Charak, otherwise called Salma Khan.

Ever wondered about the women who have greatly influenced and inspired some of the most prominent figures in the world? Well, meet Sushila Charak, one such inspiring figure whose life is a testament to conviction, resilience, and grace.

Let’s delve into Sushila Charak’s World

Sushila Charak, who? I hear you asking from across the screen. All things considered, how about we illuminate you? Sushila Charak, presently known as Salma Khan, is the respected mother of the observed Bollywood entertainer, Salman Khan.

 Born into a Hindu family, Sushila Charak was christened Salma Khan after her marriage to renowned screenwriter Salim Khan. She is often touted as the epitome of endurance and elegance. But wait, what makes Sushila Charak so unique? Let’s find out.

What makes Sushila Charak unique?

The most notable aspect of Sushila Charak’s story is how smoothly she adopted a new way of life after her marriage. Displaying unflappable strength and a deep sense of respect for her spouse’s religion, she seamlessly blended into her new environment. Besides, being a mother to one of the most powerful figures in Indian Cinema, she has carved her niche as an inspirational figure.

Sushila Charak’s Influence on Salman Khan

Salman Khan, a household name, owes much of his fame and success to the unwavering faith and support of his mother, Sushila Charak. She has been his pillar through his numerous ups and downs; this brings us to an important point – would Salman Khan be who he is today without Sushila Charak’s influence? Well, that’s a thought worth pondering!

The Power of Sushila Charak

Sushila Charak’s story is a vivid reminder that behind every successful personality, there is a strong woman, much like Sushila. Her story should remind us to honour such women and the pivotal roles they play in moulding their children’s lives.

 In a nutshell, Sushila Charak’s role as Salman Khan’s mother and Salim Khan’s wife alone doesn’t define her. She is more than her familial ties, a woman of substance, embodying elegance and strength.

 If you’re interested in reading more about inspirational figures like Sushila Charak, stay tuned! You never know who we’ll reveal next.

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